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Flip's First Saturday Update

2013-05-26 12:59:19 by Pixel-Perfect

We have our first FUCKING UPDATE! Our game FLIP is about a boy who finds out his power to flip gravity (inspired by VVVVVV). Jacob my commanding officer will be coding this game and I (Loudon) will be doing art and animations as we both work on level design and getting the word about the game. We do have a Facebook ( ) page and Twitter ( ). We will make updates hopefully every saturday on newgrounds. If you like to donate though paypal or contact Jacob and I send what you want to If you want to share out Newgrounds, Facebook or Twitter or Our Website (P.S. Website Domain will be changed soon just testing the waters and seeing if the wix servers work right with us.) (P.S.S link to website Now to the actual thing I was talking about our first enemy for our game and here it is it follows you like a boo in mario with the same idea. IF you read the all you are a fucking Awesome person (Link to Art Portal if the picutre down below doesn't show up right away ). See you guys next Saturday hopefully >.>

Flip's First Saturday Update


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